Chicago Design League - Diamond Maps

Grant Park Diamonds

If you're new to the League, there's no parking to be found directly adjacent to the Grant Park Diamonds. If you're driving in, your best bet is to look for "after 4pm" parking specials along Wabash Avenue (which is one street west of Michigan Avenue on the map below). Keep in mind that those 'specials' evaporate if there's any sort of special event going on in the South Loop that day (i.e. Jazz, Gospel or Blues Fest), pumping rates up into the $16-$20 range.

If anyone has a reliable/cost-effective parking solution thats been working well for them, please report it here and I'll post it to this page.

Grant Park Map

Union Park Diamonds

The 2016 Championship Tournament will happen at Union Park on Saturday, July 23rd. Parking is strictly street parking and will be catch as catch can. The bathrooms in the Field House along Randolph St. should be open between 10am and 1pm... the bathrooms in the Field House along Lake Street should be open between 10am and 8pm. Garbage recepticles will be located all around the park, ALL garbage needs to make its way to those locations before you leave. As Union Park is more family oriented than Grant Park, we've been asked to drink all alcohol from Solo cups, please abide by this rule.

Union Park Map

Lincoln Park Diamonds

Lincoln Park Map

Important : Officially, the drinking of alcohol is not permitted on Park District property. Some have occasionally received tickets for open alcohol. All there is to say really, is keep it hidden and keep your eyes open for police... Also, every team is responsible for making sure their trash ends up in the garbage cans provided. If you don't, you will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of kangaroo court.