Tournament Notes

Captains Check-In : Between 8:00-8:30 am @ the Scorer's Table which will be located between Diamonds 2 & 3 on the southern end of Upper Hutchinson. 1 Captain from each team is responsible for signing in at this time.

Other than the location noted above, all teams should set up their base camps in the direct vicinity of the diamonds they're playing on. First come, first served.

LEAGUE NOTE > The hope is that ALL 16 teams are out on the Diamonds and unloading their gear no later than 8:00am, even if your team has a 9 o'clock BYE... A Captain from each of our (16) teams is required to check in at the Scorer's Table between 8:00 and 8:30.

CRUCIAL > Prior to Tournament Day, please PRINT and REVIEW the rules. All rules used during the regular season are in effect on Tournament Day except as noted below. Every team is required to have a copy of the rules with them on game day, however most teams will not... that said, don't argue a rule without being able to point to the rule on your print out...

The Final Four finish in the money: $200 for the Champions, $100 for the Runner-up and $50 each for 3rd & 4th Place.

PLEASE NOTE; If you finish in the Final Four and fail to pick up your prize money on Tournament Day... it reverts back to the League's slush fund, never to be seen again.

BATHROOM INFO; This year's Tournament will occur during Taste of Chicago, so chances are there will be rows of Porta-Potties somewhere near Upper Hutch. Permanent bathrooms can also be found near Buckingham Fountain... and also at the southwestern corner of Lower Hutch.

IMPORTANT : All teams are responsible for making sure all their trash ends up in a garbage can. Our league is typically perfect in this regard... so please, leave your basecamp as clean as you found it at the end of the day.

Tournament Play

The brackets are seeded from the Regular Season Final Standings and can be found here. Each team will play every other team once inside their (4) team bracket.

Umpires will be responsible for all calls on the field on Tournament Day... The rules of the league will not change... we will play exactly as we always have... the only difference being the exclusion of the 'close call' rules... ALL decisions made by an umpire will be FINAL... no excessive arguing is permitted... accept calls and move on.

Pre-Final 4 Tournament games will be (6) innings. No extra-innings, ties are allowed. Every effort should be made to start your games promptly and to complete them within the hour alloted.

How the Horn Works

The horn will blow at 5 minutes to the hour (i.e. 8:55, 9:55, etc.) Throughout pool play, when the horn sounds I will set a timer for exactly 1 hour, the next horn will blow when that timer expires. All of you must police your own diamonds to make sure the following rules are being followed... there have been occurences in the past of my altering the horn schedule due to some situation on a particular diamond. If the horn doesn't sound when expected, this is most likely the scenario. But understand that two teams slow to start their game on-time WILL NOT alter the horn schedule, that game will simply end short of the regulation 6-innings.

The horn will be handled a little differently on Tournament Day and this is IMPORTANT so make sure that your in understanding of how this reads...

(a) If the horn blows and it is currently the top half of the inning, that inning will be the last inning played.

(b) If the horn blows and it is currently the bottom half of the inning, (1) more inning will be allowed assuming that it is not already the 6th inning (last inning of the game).

If the horn blows and the game is already in the 6th inning, that will be the last inning of the game regardless of what half of the inning it is. If the game is tied at the end of the 6th inning, that game will be recorded as a tie.

Official Scorekeeping

As mentioned above, the Master Scoreboard for the Tournament will be located between Diamonds 2 & 3 on the southern end of Upper Hutchinson... The final score of each game must be reported here by a representative of the WINNING team at the conclusion of EVERY game. Losing teams are more than welcome to send a representative as well to ensure the score reported is accurate by their account as well. Once a score is reported and written down on the master scoreboard, it is final... NO EXCEPTIONS...

IMPORTANT : I (Nic) must be the one that writes the score down on the Scoreboard... If I am busy still playing a game or otherwise involved, you'll need to wait... it won't take that long... get my attention and I'll get to you as soon as possible... This is to ensure the integrity of the Scoreboard.

Disputing a Players Tournament Eligibility

Prior to Tournament Day, all team rosters along with eligible Alumni players will have posted to the web under the TEAMS menu. ALL teams should print out the Team pages for each of their (3) opponents within their brackets. To dispute a players eligibily, CAPTAIN should approach CAPTAIN with any queries as to a specific player. The disputed player must produce a photo ID that matches a name on his teams roster. Failure to do so will render the disputed player ineligible.


The top (4) seeds from the regular season are guaranteed a 9am bye. The top (8) seeds from the regular season are guaranteed (2) home-games and (1) away-game within Tournament play.

Captains are responsible for knowing their teams schedule and having their teams ready to go at game time.


At the conclusion of Tournament play (3pm)... each Bracket will send its best team to the Final Four. Bracket winners will be determined first by Record, then by Least Runs Allowed, then by Most Runs Scored, and finally, by Seed.

Note : *Tournament Tie-Breakers were determined to be Record, LRA, MRS, H2H & Seed by a Captains vote of 12-4 on 09/03/07. **Tie-Breakers were changed to Record, H2H, LRA, MRS & Seed by a Captain's Vote of 11-5 on 09/18/12.***Tie-Breakers were updated to Record, LRA, MRS & Seed by a Captain's Vote of 9-6 on 07/12/18.