Week 3/4 Wrap-Up

Alright then, as is our custom, Forum updates begin here at the conclusion of week 4… wrap-up, look forward, discuss league issues when appropriate… as always, if you’re receiving auto-notifications when posts are made to this Forum and you’d like those to stop… simply send the email address that’s receiving them to <info@chicagodesignleague.com> and I’ll remove it… that said, current Captains don’t have this option and must stay on the list.

So the first double-header Thursday came a week earlier this year, the consequence of moving opening day up a week this season… as it turned out, an absolutely beautiful evening on Lower Hutchinson where by all appearances, some good softball got played… a handful of 1-run games, a handful of blow-outs and the rest somewhere in between. Perkins & Will beat Ruder Group in their early game on a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 7th… Three of the late games went only 6 innings, while Skender and Thornton-Tomasetti went to extras and needed 8 innings to determine a winner.

After 4 weeks, 3 unbeaten teams are all that remain… and one of them will fall this coming Thursday when Clune Construction meet the Reservoir Dogz in the late game on Diamond 11, a re-match of last years Championship Game as well… so that should be a good one. Also next week in the late game, our only remaining winless teams meet as SOM faces VOA… so something’s gonna give there as well… should be a good week overall.

A reminder and a couple general notes;

• This coming Saturday, June 6th will be our 2nd Annual Triple-Header Saturday on Lower Hutchinson following regular Thursday games on June 4th… You’ll want to have your teams out on the diamonds no later than 8:30 warming up ahead of a 9 AM start time. Horn will sound at 8:55… Immediately following your first game you will need to corral your entire squad and line them up in the queue to get your Team and Captain’s pictures taken… the location will quickly become obvious by where I’m set up with the camera on a trip-pod… the goal here is to keep the line organized and moving, we want to get pictures taken as quickly as possible. Once complete, the second horn of the day will sound for the start of game 2, approximately and hour and five minutes after that, the 3rd horn for the final game of the day… all normal regular season rules will apply… you’ll get another reminder email from me for this following Thursdays games, but now is the time to make sure you line up as many of your players as possible.

• For those that are not yet aware… a new rule, Rule A14 has been added to the Design League Rules. It deals with diminishing daylight for the late games…

• Everyone should be aware the discussions remain ongoing with Union Park… my desire is to hopefully move our Tournament to the weekend of August 8th to disconnect it from Lollapalooza as I’m aware that some of you may have roster problems caused by teammates with tickets to that event… nothing at all is guaranteed at this point, but I’m doing my best… everything in the scheduling arena comes down to availability, permitting and cost… I’ll let you know more once I know more…

Thanks all, 5 games to play over the next week… good luck to all.

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