Rule A14 Added : The Sunset Rule

We had a situation this past week where two teams were in dispute as to when and how their game came to an end. It has always been Design League tradition that a team, particularly a team with a lead, wouldn’t simply say they were done playing when they felt it was too dark… instead, they would give their opponent at least 1-inning notice if their intention was to stop playing before the game reached the regulation 7 innings.

As this has never come up before as a contended issue in a specific game, the ‘tradition’ had never become formalized within the League’s rules. With the addition of Rule A14 this has now been corrected;

A14 • The Sunset Rule; Describing the scenario where a Captain, on behalf of his team, feels not enough daylight remains for his team to safely play to the regulation 7-innings. This Captain must formally inform his/her opposing Captain 1-inning prior to ceasing play. In other words, a team can’t simply decide they’re done. Instead, their opponent must be given at least 3 offensive outs notice of a teams desire to end the game early.

The key portion of the language of this rule is the word ‘formally’… Captain to Captain, there must be a formal statement from one team to another that a teams next at-bats will be their last… to be safe, this conversation should be witnessed by a couple representatives from each team… Devoid of this, all games will be played to their full 7 innings.

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