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Week 4 Wrap-Up, Triple-Header Preview

So we’re off and running on the 2014 Season checking out this new format, which from my perspective is looking good… we started the season with open dates to make up a possible (4) rain-outs… as it stands now we’ve had two… but Triple-Header Saturday tomorrow is looking weather perfect which means that as long as we play 3 out of the 4 double-headers scheduled for June… we’re looking good.

Yesterday in Week 4 games there wasn’t anything I’d consider an upset… especially this early in a new season… but there ended up a lot of major movement up and down the Leaderboard as a result of the days scores… as it stands we have 4 undefeated, 4 winless and half the pack at .500 on a 1-game streak, one way or another…

At the conclusion of Triple-Header Saturday tomorrow the League might feel a little surreal from a statistical/standings point-of-view as we’ve never updated the results of 3 games before during the regular season… but then again… a great opportunity to change your lot for the better tomorrow in one fell swoop.

As the timetable tomorrow is a lot looser than it was originally… expect that I’ll keep the soundings of the horn a bit variable… my main intention will be to allow all games to play 7 innings… this really seems to be the biggest takeaway from our having 8 diamonds instead of 4… which isn’t to say play shouldn’t happen in a deliberate manner as I’m guessing an hour fifteen will be the limit between horns… the horn should be treated as follows;

(a) If the horn blows and it is currently the top half of the inning, that inning will be the last inning played.

(b) If the horn blows and it is currently the bottom half of the inning, (1) more inning will be allowed assuming that it is not already the 7th inning.

If the game is tied after 7 innings, (1) more inning will be allowed. If the game is still even after 8, the game will be recorded as a tie.

It’s Picture Day and That’s Important

From a logistical standpoint, taking pictures tomorrow is the biggest moving part… however for the integrity of the website, it is very important that we all work together to make this epic undertaking happen as efficiently as possible… Couple things;

The reason we’re playing a game first and then taking pictures is because I felt that would be the best way to ensure as many people will be in the pictures as possible… I thought about starting the day with pictures… but then figured if I did that I’d have a whole bunch of people that would just sleep in and blow off the pictures… whether you think so or not… the Design League website is a part of Chicago’s rich softball history, all of us should always want to be in the picture…

Second, during the particular span of hours we’ll all be spending at Grant Park tomorrow, 10-11 is going to be the best light we can hope for when it comes to quality picture taking… Ideally they’d all happen at 4:30-5:00 which is the absolute best time… but that won’t be possible.

CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT > When your first game ends… I need you to gather your teams and come immediately to the area between Diamonds 10 and 11… we’ll have the camera positioned so that the skyline is in the background… the intent will be to take pictures one after the other with a brief period of positioning people as each team is composed. As soon as the team picture is done, your teams will exit stage left and head to your next diamond while the Captains stay behind to get their pictures done… then on to the next team… one after the other as fast and efficient as possible. Once all pictures have been taken I will blow the horn, you should start your second game within 5 minutes or so of that horn blast.

Last important things;

• We’re going to be sharing the general Grant Park area in some fashion with the Komen Walk for the Cure event… be forewarned and expect to have to park in the South Loop and walk to the Diamonds.

• Please remember that at the conclusion of your 3rd game I need (1) Captain from each team to come to me on Diamond 11 and report all 3 of your scores from the day…

• Leave no trace… when your day is done please pick up ALL of your teams garbage and get it into a trash can.

If I think of anything else I’ll email later…