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Week 13 Update

Well… for as down as I was leaving Lincoln Park a couple weeks ago… last night on Lower lifted me back up… the diamonds were beautiful… nice bases again… comfortable weather and blue skies… a really nice night in my opinion.

Our Grant Park rep stopped by and we had a nice conversation… she seems willing to look the other way on the fact that we’re out of money… which is a good thing… so here’s how the situation stands in regards to our finishing out the regular season;

Best possible scenario is that (4) more diamonds are released sometime by next Tuesday… if that happens we’ll be playing all (8) games next week at 6 PM spread over (8) diamonds… and then most likely we’d be making up the Week 5 rainout the same way on the 26th.

Second best (but not so good) scenario is that no more diamonds are released and we split Week 15 over the next two Thursdays… (4) games on the 19th, (4) games on the 26th… what can go wrong in this scenario is that a rainout on either date would make both dates moot…

And finally, we could be done as of right now… but the feeling I have is that that won’t be the case… all of you should know that it’s always my top priority to get ALL (15) games played… right now we’re at 13 and if we ended up playing all (15)… that would be a herculean accomplishment considering the road blocks that have been thrown up this year.

So that means what I’m telling all of you… would be to be prepared to play on the 19th, the 26th, or both… we’ll know more by next Tuesday… sorry all this needs to be such a mystery… I’m a big fan of giving everyone as much notice as possible or things… but it is what it is.

As far as the Leaderboard goes following yesterdays games… we’re sitting with a glut of teams in the middle of the field all with 7-6 records… this translates to the Tournament’s seeding brackets being very volatile. Teams in the 10-16 seeds showed no movement whatsoever yesterday… but there was a lot of movement in the middle… up at the top, a Ruder Group loss yesterday pushed them a little further off the lead although they maintained the 4 seed courtesy of a VOA loss… while Clune eeking one out over Power coupled with an Old Stylin’ tie against Perkins&Will allowed Clune to leapfrog Old Stylin’ into the #2 seed… so whatever games we get in to conclude the regular season should have some interesting consequences on Tournament seeding… looking forward to seeing how it works out.

All for now, everyone have great weekends and stay tuned early next week for an update as soon as I have information to pass along.