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Week 8 Update.

Interesting game day yesterday scores-wise… A few lop-sided games, a few tight games and a shutout… but our game of the week which was Dobbins Group @ Old Stylin’ was fittingly a 1-run affair where Dobbins headed into the bottom of the 7th with a 3-run lead, but finished just 1 up with an Old Styler in scoring position… so a great game, as expected… unfortunately for Old Stylin’, the loss dropped them into a 5-way tie with other 5-1 teams which led to their 48 runs allowed placing them at the bottom of that pack in the 5-seed… but still plenty of season to play.

Clune Construction with their 13-7 win over Skender Construction and Ruder Group with their 4-0 shutout of Power Construction both moved up a seed into the 2 & 3 positions respectively. Gettys Group with their tight 7-6 win over Perkins&Will leap-frogged JC Anderson and SCB who both lost… Other than that, all other teams stayed exactly where they were on the Leaderboard last week.

Looking at the schedule for next week, my pick for the game of the week would be a match-up between two of our 5-1 team with Old Stylin’ @ Ruder Group on Diamond 3 in an early game… another great match-up would be a strong 4-2 Cannon Design team @ VOA, also 5-1…

One more Game Day next week before the 4th of July Bye and the weather has been treating us well of late… and I’m down to two team pictures left to do including my own team… so I’m well ahead of schedule in that regard and I thank all of you who have cooperated perfectly in making it happen… special thanks to Skender Construction who came across Upper Hutchinson the long way yesterday to get their pictures done.

Have great weekends.

Week 7 Update.

So the story remains Old Stylin‘… the leagues sole survivor among the ranks of the undefeated… although to get it done they had to first get through a death match with a Gettys Group team that kept coming back over and over to keep the pressure on… Old Stylin’ jumped out quick with 7 in the 1st, but then Gettys got on the board themselves with a 2-run shot in the bottom half of the inning… long story short, of the 14 half innings in this game, goose eggs only went up 3 times, so it was a back and forth affair. Old Stylin’ put a single tally up in the top of the 7th to take a 16-12 lead into the bottom half… but Gettys then scored 2 in the bottom half and had the tying runs on base before the game ended on a deep fly to left… Congratulations to both of these teams for throwin’ down…

Around the rest of the league… The Reservoir Dogz took down 1st place Clune Construction to leap frog into 2nd with a defensive performance that featured 7 outfield put-outs and only one error over 7… Ruder Group improved to 4-1 as well after what appears to be a hard fought 6-3 win over JC Anderson… and speaking of death matches… Dobbins Group narrowly avoided a 3-game losing streak with an 8-7 win over Power Construction… while Cannon Design won by a single tally as well in a 13-12 win over theBuzz.

Looking ahead to next weeks games… I’d have to pull out Dobbins Group @ Old Stylin’ as the game of the week… The much improved Old Stylin’ crew won’t be taking anyone by surprise any longer and the Dobbins Group is surely looking to build upon their new winning streak in an effort to once again ascend the Leaderboard.

A Note On Scorekeeping & Score Reporting

I’d appreciate if all teams could review the Leagues rule #C1 regarding in-game scorekeeping… check scores with opposing Captains every half inning during your games and then confirm the final score at the games conclusion. Each team should have a SINGLE Captain that’s responsible for reporting the score to me NO LATER THAN NOON on the Friday following each game day. Unless you played the Dogz, I need you to report your score… so 14 email replies every Friday morning… and for the record, my email requesting scores typically goes out Thursday night no later than 10 PM… if possible, respond to that email Thursday night… this both gets it out of the way and also gives me a head start on the web update… I thank you all for your cooperation on this.

Ongoing Picture Taking

I’d first like to thank all the teams that have already had their pictures taken and to those that have already replied with their annotations… things are going pretty good considering we’ve had 2 rainouts. I can’t say here in this update which teams are on tap yet for next week… I have to look at the schedule, update the rest of the pictures I took yesterday… and then see where we’re at… so who’s going next week will come out in an email as soon as I know.

All for now… have great weekends.

Week 6 Update

So here we go… off and running on another year of the Forum… for those of you who are new to the Forum, this is the one and only place where Game Day updates post for the remainder of the season… it starts every year as soon as the league has 4 games in the books.

The emerging story of this young season is Old Stylin’… kickin’ ass and taking names… thus far they’ve plowed through the Dogz, rivals theBuzz, Power Construction and yesterday a hard fought 6-5 win over Cannon Design which has left them in 2nd place on the Leaderboard just a scant 2 runs allowed behind Clune Construction… in their 5th season as members of the Design League… pieces have started to fall into place for Old Stylin’ and it’s great to see.

This leads us to next weeks key matchup which would have to be (#1) Clune Construction at (#3) Reservoir Dogz… the results of this one have the potential to upend the top of the Leaderboard… Old Stylin’ in turn is charged with holding serve against #8 Gettys Group who are coming off a nice 15-11 win of their own.

Also wanted to explain to everyone the rescheduling situation that’s happened over the last week… due to company events on Thursdays for both Power Construction and Thornton-Tomasetti, games were rearranged with the end result being that Thornton-Tomasetti played a double-header yesterday while Power Construction didn’t play at all… and then on July 11th, Power will play a double-header while Thornton doesn’t play at all… VOA has coincidentally been the opponent for both of these conflicted dates… but the net effect for them was just that they flip-flopped the dates they play these two teams this season.

That said and moving forward… this will be the last time the league makes schedule changes to accommodate company events… aside from the time it takes me to make such changes… the larger issue, and the issue that still exists for us this year, is that if either of these two “double-header” dates ends up raining out… then we’ve created an even larger headache than the one caused by having to find makeup dates for a rain out in the first place. Long story short, we need ALL teams having played the SAME amount of games at any given time. The Design League Rules will be amended to reflect this coming up here shortly…

And finally for this initial Forum post of the 2013 Season, a word about the team pictures that I’ve been taking over past weeks as some of you have inquired… I’ve been letting them all build up due to my own general busyness actually… but what’s going to happen sometime here in the coming week is that ALL pictures to date will post to the website and all teams that have had their pictures taken will receive my ‘request for annotation’ email… once you receive this email I would appreciate if you would reply to it as soon as you are able to allow me to get the site completely caught up.

That’s it… everyone have great weekends and I’ll catch you next week.