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Week 8 Update

So its been a tough couple of days over at the commissioners office… power went down Wednesday night and stayed down until early Friday afternoon completely throwing our whole digital routine out of whack… but all the scores came in and the updates have been posted and we’re on to bigger and better places.

The Leaderboard stands pat again for the top 4 seeds for yet another week… everybody won… but damn if Perkins&Will didn’t give the Dobbins Group a run for their money… a 9-inning, 6-5 win for Dobbins that ended with a walk-off…  so close to losing one of our undefeated teams, but in the end we move forward with the same 4 remaining lossless.

In other action, both Gettys Group and Goettsch pulled off 1-run wins over Clune and SCB respectively… while Ruder Group, Cannon and JC Anderson won by 2-run margins over Old Stylin’, VOA and Power… the other two games were routes and that’s a wrap for Week 8 as we now move to…

…a makeup of our Week 1 wash out this year, where at this point in the season, the slate of games holds a little more significance than it would have had back in Week 1… over the next 3 weeks, the 4th place Dogz (5-0-1) are about to play each of the 3 teams ahead of them in the standings in successive weeks… that gets started next week vs. Dobbins Group… you also get a 4-2 Perkins&Will squad, resurgent in 2011 and fresh off almost knocking off one of the leagues undefeated teams… with a shot at theBuzz, also undefeated and just as hard to beat… and in a third matchup we have VOA @ Power, which could definitely be looked at as a turning point game for both of their seasons… so with an extended forecast that’s looking pretty good, I’m looking forward to next week…

IMPORTANT ABOUT NEXT WEEK > Remember that games are on LOWER Hutchinson Diamonds 15, 16, 17 & 18 (check the diamond maps)… also remember that we’re at different starting times than usual with the early games going off at 6:30 and the late games following at 7:301 HOUR PER GAME, horns will come at 6:25 and 7:25… and the early games should expect to see other (Park District) games finishing up on the diamonds as they arrive… we need to allow those games to conclude in peace before making our way onto the diamonds. They have the priority. IMPORTANT > Also remember that Taste of Chicago will be going on so access will be trickier than usual, allow more time for getting to LOWER Hutchinson and expect parking rates to be more expensive than usual as well…

Pictures Next Week >  will be Dobbins Group directly before their game… I’m also going to try and do Ruder Group and/or Kelso Burnett before their early game if possible, but that will depend on what their turnout looks like and weather they arrive a little early or not… with all the stuff going on these may not be possible… we’ll see.

All for now, enjoy your Sundays…

Week 7 Update

It was a game day that looked to be in doubt due to a dire forecast leading up to things… but as it often works out, the terrible rains that were predicted never materialized and we were able to go about our business… It was the day of the annual Spring Fling which I know affected many teams (including my own), so I’d like to thank all of you that made sure you had a team out there ready to play anyway. Other than a forfeit of the late game on Diamond 3, everything seemed to go off without a hitch.

Not a whole lot to report after yesterday’s games as the Leaderboard stays the same for the top 6 positions as well as the bottom 4… some movement in the middle as the result of some close games that saw theBuzz dropping VOA 7-6, Ruder Group scratching out the 14-12 win over Power and Goettsch outlasting Clune 6-4. Next week the marquee matchup would appear to be Perkins&Will (4-1-0) trying to knock off the undefeated Dobbins Group.

Next weeks pictures will most probably be SOM, Perkins&Will and the Dobbins Group… I’ll catch up on those a little and then send an email out to the affected teams next week.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there… we’ll see you next week.

Week 5 Update.

So now things begin to calm down a little as they always do after the Corporate Challenge BYE week… not as much fog, rain or cold and most notably… more daylight as the Summer begins to take hold and we move to our later start time for the late games… it appears that all of us got in our scheduled 7 innings and all is right once again for the Design League. Congratulations to all for fighting our way through another Chicago May.

Following yesterday’s game day we didn’t see either of the teams on the snide get off the snide… nor did we see any of our undefeated teams fall… although one will next week as theBuzz and Cannon square off in the late game on Diamond 2… upstart Dobbins Group continues to roll and they’ve already won by forfeit for next week as Power has an immovable company event next Thursday… but perhaps the most interesting occurrence to me is the path that JC Anderson has taken so far this season… they’re 2-2, have scored as many runs as they’ve allowed while every one of their games has been a 1-run affair… can’t remember such a streak ever happening before.

Just a reminder that the games that were rained out in Week 1 have been rescheduled for 06/30 on LOWER Hutchinson… there’s still a possibility that those games will move to UPPER, but as of right now we’re on LOWER. Please adjust your schedules.

Also a reminder that next Friday (06/10) and the Friday after that (06/17) Upper Hutchinson belongs to the Design League if any of you care to schedule a practice or a scrimmage.

Pictures Next Week > will be Perkins&Will and Goettsch just before their match up at 6pm on Diamond 4.