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Week 4 Update.

Another strange game day of Design League Softball out there yesterday as the fog rolled in… wouldn’t say it affected are ability to play, but it definitely added a surreal element to the proceedings… playing Power yesterday it struck me that one of the things that makes the Design League cooler than Players or CS&S softball is that when you play a team in our league, you end up knowing most of the players on the opposing team which makes it more fun. Not as much for our newer teams but the longer you stick around the more that feeling grows… just a lot better than the anonymous squads you run into week after week in those other leagues. Anyway…

Cannon eeked out another close one, 9-8 over CluneDobbins Group continued there rookie roll remaining undefeated with a 13-7 win over Gettys GroupKelso-Burnett got off the snide with an extra inning 9-7 victory over Old Stylin’ and Perkins&Will saw the benefit of getting out for some early batting practice with an 11-5 win over VOA.

In the late games, the Dogz and Power Construction played an eventful hour and 20 minute 6-inning game that ended in a tie in pretty much complete darkness. JC Anderson continued their 2nd season resurgence with a 6-5 win over SOM. Goettsch dumped Ruder Group 17-9 and old salty veterans theBuzz put a 15-2 hurting on the SCB squad.

Pictures In Two Weeks > First of all a big thanks to the squads from Cannon, Clune and Power for making the first day of pictures go extremely smoothly. Much appreciated… coming up in two weeks I’ll be photographing Perkins&Will and SOM before their 6 o’clock game on Diamond 3… and then Getty Group before their 7:15 game on Diamond 2. Email reminders will go out a couple days in advance of that.

Of note and open for discussion over the next couple weeks is that Upper Hutchinson belongs to the Design League on 2 Fridays in June, the 10th and the 17th… these are in addition to our regular game days on the 9th and 16th respectively. We’ve already decided that not enough teams were willing to commit to “double-header weeks” to allow us to make them game days… but the fields are ours for practices, scrimmages or whatever you’d like to propose on those two Fridays. Feel free to post your thoughts to the comments on this Forum post or just shoot me an email… whatever you’d like to do, arrange it amongst yourselves and let me know what you need in terms of diamond time.

Please remember that if you have anything you’d like to say, ask, question, etcetera… please feel free to do so here by clicking on the “comments” link up near the top of this post under the heading.

Week 3 Update.

So were off to a better start now… starting to get some games in as the weather cooperates a little… if you were to believe the forecasts from earlier this week it almost seemed like another rain-out for sure… but all went off without a hitch and there was actually some really close, great games yesterday.

Cannon (2-0-1) squeaked out a 7-5 win over P&W (1-1-0). The Dogz (2-0-0) needed the bottom of the 7th and a 2-out walk-off hit to down the Ruder Group (0-1-1). JC Anderson (1-1-0) and theBuzz (2-0-0) also pulled off 1-run wins over Gettys Group (0-1-1) and Clune (1-1-0) respectively… SOM (1-1-0) went 8 innings with SCB (0-2-0) for the 1-run extra inning win 6-5… and one of our two rookie team the Dobbins Group ran their record to 2-0 with a 15-6 route of Goettsch (1-1-0). A day filled with a lot of close games.

One note on next weeks games is that the start times have been adjusted on the schedule keeping them at 6 and 7 for the time being… we still don’t have enough light to go to the 7:15 start time on the later games, but once we’re through the bye week it will no longer be a problem.

Pictures Next Week > Next week we start the arduous picture process. Remember that pictures have to happen on the day they’re scheduled, however I’m always willing to meet you for a re-take on some future date that might be better for you in terms of turnout, the arrival of shirts, etc. First up next week will be; Cannon & Clune before their 6pm game on Diamond 1 and then Power before their 7pm game on Diamond 1. An email reminder will go out to these (3) teams next week Tuesday.

Please remember that if you have anything you’d like to say, ask, question, etcetera… please feel free to do so here by clicking on the “comments” link up near the top of this post under the heading.