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Week 13 Update.

So damn… REX Electric continues to roll… Taking nothing away from them, because they’re obviously for real… it just blows the mind that a rookie team that went just 1-11 last season… is now so thoroughly and completely dominating the League. At an amazing 11-0-1 they add another notch to their belt this week taking out top-ranked contender theBuzz, 7-2 in 5 innings. Still 3 tough ones to go though as REX first faces Cannon (7-5-0) next week, VOA (8-4-0) the week after next before wrapping up the season in a showdown with the Dogz (10-2-0) two days before the Tournament befalls us.

The other matchup of note from yesterday’s games saw Cannon (7-5-0) breaking their short 2-game losing streak with a win over Getty’s (6-5-1) to leapfrog them on the Leaderboard. I wouldn’t want to see either of these teams in my bracket on Tournament Day… both always capable of the upset.

As of today the Tournament Brackets page has gone live so you can follow along with who you’d be playing on Tournament Day if ‘the season ended today’… always fun for some… others most likely could give a shit less.. but it’s here if you want it ;-)

Pictures Next Week > And these will be our final pictures… JC Anderson immediately before their 6 o’clock game on Diamond 2. I’d like to take the picture just as the early horn sounds if JCA can get all their people out in time… this would help a lot in maximizing playing time for both the early and late games…

I’ve got an email out to the Park District… I’m hoping to run all of our games simultaneously at 6 o’clock on 09/09 and 09/16. Four on Upper with the four late games moving to Lower Hutchinson at 6. I’ll let everyone know the result of that query as soon as I hear. But keep in mind that next week will play exactly as this week did… if you’re the early game, start on time and surrender the field quickly… and if you’re the late game, get ready to go when that second horn blows and get going right away… and remember, NO batting practice…

Please remember that if you have anything you’d like to say, ask, question, etcetera… please feel free to do so here by clicking on the “comments” link up near the top of this post under the heading.

Week 12 Update.

First off, sorry for updating so late… I had construction going on at the house and I just couldn’t get to it until now.

So for all the Leaderboard movement we had last week… this week, barely any at all… numbers 4 and 5 traded places, as did 7 and 8… that’s it… although the teams aren’t as close together as they were last week, things have loosened up a bit which is good news for some, not so good for others.

A couple minor upsets as well with Power beating Clune in this years battle of the construction companies… and we also saw Getty’s topping theBuzz… not really huge surprises although both saw the team with the better record losing the game… in the end, these were the two contests that unknotted the top of the Leaderboard a bit. And theBuzz loss coupled with a Ruder Group win this week left those two teams at 8-3 and currently separated by the scantiest 1 run allowed which is about as tight as it can get. These two play each other the week after next (thank the schedule-maker) and that game could possibly mean a lot… although theBuzz would have to knock off still undefeated REX Electric first in order to maintain that records tie.

In other action, Old Stylin’s winning streak came to an end after a 12-3 loss to Perkins&Will who ended a 6-game losing streak of their own… while the Dogz ended VOA’s 3-game winning streak with a 12-9 victory in 6 innings.

Darkness is definitely falling upon us earlier these days which makes it more important than ever for the early games to get started on time (if not a little early) and for the late games to take the field as quick as possible at there conclusion and get things underway fast. I heard some talk of late game teams that were trying to get in some batting practice before their games… please be aware that that just isn’t possible at this time of the year… we all really need to keep things moving along as quickly as possible to maximize the number of innings that get played. We’re going to stick with the 6:00/7:00 timetable for the next 2 game weeks… from there I’m going to check with the Park District on Lower Hutchinson availability… if we get lucky we might be able to run all 8 of our games off simultaneously at 6 o’clock for weeks 15 & 16 by moving all the late games to Lower Hutchinson… I’ll let you know what I hear back on that… otherwise we’re looking at 5:30/6:30 starts in those final two weeks.

Pictures are just about complete… the last ones I need are JC Anderson which I’ll get week after next… Otherwise, things are looking good… a lot of good matchups are still in store, up and down the Leaderboard… so as always, best of luck to all.

Week 11 Update.

I’ll start off this week by apologizing for the lack of a horn at the proper time to end the early games. I had it in my hand at 7:07 but then got caught up making out my own line up (which was changing rapidly at game time) and I just forgot it. From the emails this morning it appears this caused some problems for the Kelso/VOA game on Diamond 2 for which I’m wholeheartedly sorry… That said, we’re into that point in the season where available light affects the late games. For those of you who are new to the league I offer the following as a primer;

Late game Captains need to keep their eye on the clock as well. In the absence of a horn (it happens) don’t be shy to let early game Captains know the time and that they should be in their last inning. Once the late game has begun and reaches the later innings with darkness falling, Captains should agree before every inning whether to play another. Once an inning begins, it must be played in its entirety, regardless of how long the top of the inning takes (unless of course the HOME team is in the lead). Keep in mind that this can be a touchy subject, especially to the team that’s losing, so be fair if you’re the team that’s winning. On the same token, realize that the team that’s winning has the right to not risk that win (and the associated runs allowed) by playing into darkness… all hell can break loose once the lights go out. These are waters we navigate every season, at the start and at the finish, usually without many problems… but it occasionally happens where one team wants to quit while the other wants to keep playing. All I can say is be fair. There’s also the option of calling the game officially over and then continuing to play just for the hell of it… knock yourselves out on that one.

IMPORTANT > Late games have been moved back 15 minutes to 7:00 pm starting next week (one week earlier than originally planned). So horns next week will sound at 5:55 and 6:55. Also be aware that for the last two game weeks of the season on September 9th and 16th, early games will begin at 5:30, late games at 6:30. This might require some planning for some of you in terms of leaving work earlier.

Now back to the business at hand… Week 11 saw an unusually high amount of Leaderboard movement from top to bottom, teams shifting around all over the place… which is good, it keeps things interesting. REX Electric won again, remained undefeated and essentially has a 2 game lead over both the #2 and #3 seeds by virtue of their tie with just the 5 games to go. The Reservoir Dogz and theBuzz are separated by only 3 runs allowed in those 2 and 3 seeds, so that’s a barn-burner… and by virtue of their own tie, Clune Construction can leap frog upward with any win coupled with a Dogz or Buzz loss… And then Ruder Group and VOA lie in wait just outside that pack… so the whole top half of the Leaderboard is still very much in flux.

Down low on the Leaderboard we saw Getty’s Group and Old Stylin’ continue to build upon winning streaks while Power Construction got back on track with a 17-10 victory.

The one last thing to mention this week is to ask that you start planning for Tournament Day with your teams right away… this has been a pretty great season in my opinion and I really want to see it end with all 16 teams out strong for the Tournament… and for those of you that are languishing near the bottom of the Leaderboard… always remember that all bets are off come the Tournament… anyone can win it… the Regular Season simply determines how steep the climb is.